Alison Godby Ligocki, Ph.D.
Individual, Couples, and Group Psychotherapy Services

Dr. Ligocki provides a variety of treatment options for psychological disorders and mental health issues. She provides in-depth, affordable treatment. Services include:
  • Brief individual psychotherapy
  • Long-term individual psychotherapy
  • Couples and family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Psychological assessment (including testing for: ADHD, learning disabilities, personality assessment, neuropsychological screening, vocational/career assessment, and diagnostic clarification)


Current Fee Schedule:
Initial Consultation: $150
Individual Psychotherapy: $150 an hour
Couples and family therapy: $150 an hour
Group therapy:$200 a month
Assessment:Varies, Call for pricing

Payment is accepted in the form of check or cash. With regard to insurance, I am considered an out-of network provider.  If your insurance company covers out-of-network benefits, I can provide you with a receipt to file with them for reimbursement.